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Department of Anthropology Human Rights Work, Republic of Panama


Anthropologists explore the diversity of human culture in the past and present. Our interest in this diversity leads to the study of a number of different phenomena, for example: globalization, evolution, ethnicity, human development, ecology, tourism, monetization, religion, and environmental change. Faculty in this department currently study these and other topics, including applied anthropology and bioarchaeology -- not only locally -- but also in many parts of the world: Latin America, Africa, the Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

The anthropology program at North Carolina State University encourages an international perspective to the examination of such key issues with course offerings on diverse areas of the world. Through the study of anthropology, students gain valuable tools to analyze and solve problems in an increasingly global society. The faculty is committed to a holistic approach to anthropology in which the study of past human lifeways, biology, and culture intersect to provide a better understanding of the complexity of the human experience.

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies

The Anthropology Program at NC State University offers a general concentration with a B.A. in Anthropology that emphasizes exposure to ethnography and topical courses at the upper division. It focuses on the interrelationships among the cultural, social, and biological bases of human behavior in evolutionary and contemporary contexts. Interested students may also elect to pursue a minor in Anthropology

Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

The Anthropology Program also offers a Master's Degree program, begun in 2007, that prepares students to enter top-ranked Ph.D. programs as well as to find employment in nonacademic and applied settings. Faculty specialize in archaeology, cultural anthropology, environmental anthropology, forensic anthropology, and skeletal biology. 

Courses Studies


Both the undergraduate major and graduate program require 30 credit hours in the major/program. Specific course offerings can be found here. For a full, general list of Anthropology courses, see NCSU's Course Catalog

The first block image is of a street market in Bata, Equatorial Guinea.
The second block image is of Lake Titicaca in Peru.