Dr Kim Ebert

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Associate Professor

Teaching and Research Interests

Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Political Sociology, Collective Action and Social Movements, Urban and Community


Selected examples:

Ebert, Kim and Dina Okamoto. 2015. “Legitimating Contexts, Immigrant Power, and Exclusionary Activity.” Social Problems. 62(1):40-67.

Ebert, Kim, Emily P. Estrada, and Michelle Halla Lore. 2014.When Organizations Matter: Threatening Demographics, Supportive Politics, and Immigration Lawmaking.” Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race. 11(2):387-417.

Ebert, Kim and Sarah Ovink. 2014.Anti-Immigrant Ordinances and Discrimination in New and Established Destinations.” American Behavioral Scientist. 58(13):1784–1804.

Crowley, Martha and Kim Ebert. 2014. “New Rural Immigrant Destinations: Research for the 2010s.” Rural America in a Globalizing World: Problems and Prospects for the 2010s, edited by C. Bailey, L. Jensen, and E. Ransom. Morgantown, WV: West Virginia University Press.

Ebert, Kim and Dina Okamoto. 2013. “Social Citizenship, Integration, and Collective Action: Immigrant Civic Engagement in the U.S.” Social Forces. 91(4):1267-1292.

Okamoto, Dina, Kim Ebert, and Carla Violet. 2011. “¿El Campeón de Los Hispanos? Comparing the Coverage of Latino Collective Action in Spanish- and English-Language Newspapers.” Latino Studies 9(1-2):219-241.

Okamoto, Dina and Kim Ebert. 2010. “Beyond the Ballot: Immigrant Collective Action in Gateways and New Destinations.” Social Problems 57(4):529-558.