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My research interests include medical anthropology and anthropology of medicine, science, technology and society, political economy of health, toxicity, global security, and post-Soviet transformations, especially in Central Asia. I have been researching Cold War nuclear legacies in Kazakhstan since 2009. Specifically, I look at the ways in which the changing visions of militarized and nuclear spaces have produced particular subjectivities and forms of social, political, and economic exclusion among individuals living in and around the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site. During my most recent period of ethnographic fieldwork I lived in Koyan, a village of 50 people located on the test site's border. Like all villages in and around the nuclear test site, this one is remote and the people who live there are intricately linked to the economic life in the region and the toxic environment. I am currently working on a book manuscript based on my ethnographic work in Kazakhstan.

Teaching and Research Interests

Medical anthropology, political economy of health, toxic environments, nuclear testing, post-socialist transformations, Central Asia, Kazakhstan


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