Dr Stacy De Coster

Picture of Dr Stacy De Coster

Associate Professor

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Crime, Deviance, and Social Control
  • Inequality (Gender, Race, and the Intersection of Gender, Race, and Class)
  • Family Sociology
  • Social Psychology
  • Theory


Select Publications:

  • De Coster, Stacy, Rena C. Zito, and Jennifer Lutz. Forthcoming. “Racisms and Crime:Racialized Elaborations of General Theories of Offending.” In Handbook on Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice, edited by Ramiro Martinez, Jacob L. Stowell, and Meghan Hollis. New York, NY: Wiley. 
  • De Coster, Stacy and Karen Heimer. 2017. “Choice within Constraint: An Explanation of Crime at the Intersections.” Theoretical Criminology 21:11-22.
  • De Coster, Stacy and Maxine S. Thompson. 2017. "Race and General Strain Theory: Microaggressions as Mundane Extreme Environmental Stresses. Justice Quarterly 34:903-930.
  • Zito, Rena C. and Stacy De Coster. 2016. “Family Structure, Maternal Dating, and Sexual Debut: Extending the Conceptualization of Instability" Journal of Youth and Adolescence 45:1003-1019.
  • De Coster, Stacy and Rena C. Zito. 2016. “The Social Landscape of Intractable Offending among African American Males in Marginalized Contexts.” Pp. 113-122 in Preventing Crime and Violence, edited by Brent Teasdale and Mindy Bradley. New York: Springer Publishing. 
  • Brauer, Jonathan R. and Stacy De Coster (equal authorship). 2015. "Social Relationships and Delinquency: Rethinking Parent and Peer Influence During Adolescence." Youth & Society 47:374-94
  • De Coster, Stacy and Rena C. Zito. 2013. "Maternal Roles and Adolescent Depression: Conditions and Processes of Influence." Sociological Perspectives 56:1-23.
  • De Coster, Stacy, Karen Heimer and Samantha R. Cumley. 2013. “Girls, Gender, and Delinquency.” Pp. 313-330 in Cullen, Francis T. and Pamela Wilcox. The Oxford Handbook of Criminological Theory
  • De Coster, Stacy. 2012. "Mothers' Gendered Roles, Ideologies, Distress, and Parenting: Consequences for Delinquency." The Sociological Quarterly 53:586-610. 
  • De Coster, Stacy and Rena Zito. 2010. "Gender and General Strain Theory: The Gendering of Emotional Experiences and Expressions." Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 26:224-245.
  • De Coster, Stacy, Karen Heimer, and Stacy Wittrock. 2006. “Neighborhood Disadvantage, Social Capital, Street Context, and Youth Violence.” The Sociological Quarterly 47:723-53.
  • De Coster, Stacy and Karen Heimer. 2006. “Crime at the Intersection: Gender, Race, and Violent Offending.” Pp. 138-156 in Peterson, Ruth, Lauren Krivo, and John Hagan (Eds). The Many Colors of Crime: Inequalities of Race, Ethnicity and Crime in America . New York : New York University Press.
  • Heimer, Karen, Stacy De Coster, and Halime Unal. 2006. “Opening the Black Box: Understanding the Social Psychology of the Gender Gap in Delinquency.” Sociology of Crime, Law, and Deviance 7:109-35.
  • De Coster, Stacy and Lisa Kort-Butler. 2006. “How General is General Strain Theory: Assessing Issues of Determinacy and Indeterminacy.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 43:1-29.
  • De Coster, Stacy. 2005. “Delinquency and Depression: Gendered Responses to Gendered Stresses.” Sociological Perspectives 48:155-187.
  • De Coster, Stacy. 2003 “Delinquency and Depression: A Gendered Role-Taking and Social Learning Perspective.”  Advances in Criminological Theory 11:129-51.
  • De Coster, Stacy and Karen Heimer. 2001. "The Relationship Between Law Violation and Depression: An Interactionist Analysis.” Criminology 39:799-836.
  • Mueller, Charles, Stacy De Coster, and Sarah Beth Estes. 2001. “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Unanticipated Consequences of Modern Social Control in Organizations.” Work and Occupations 28:411-446.
  • Heimer, Karen and Stacy De Coster. 1999. “The Gendering of Violent Delinquency.”  Criminology 37:277-317.
  • De Coster, Stacy, Sarah Beth Estes, and Charles W. Mueller. 1999. “Routine Activities and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.Work and Occupations 26:21-49.
Research in Progress:
  • De Coster, Stacy and Karen Heimer. In Review. “Offending Motherhood: (M)othering in Women’s Reentry Identity Narratives.”  
  • “Intersectional Identities and Violence among Black and White Females.” In preparation (with Karen Heimer).
  • “My Mother/Myself: Constraint and Agency in Reentering Women’s Views of Mothering.” In preparation (with Karen Heimer).
  • “Reconsidering Labeling and Primary Deviance: Reflected Appraisals, True Deviants, and the Falsely Accused.” In preparation (with Jennifer Lutz).
  • “Gender, Delinquency and Power-Control: Reconsiderations of Structure and Agency.” In preparation (with Rena C. Zito).
  • “Deviance at Work: Behavioral Responses to Work Stresses and Workplace Stakes.” In preparation (with Martha Crowley). 


  • Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Iowa
  • M.A. in Sociology from University of Iowa
  • B.A. in Sociology and Philosophy from Saint Norbert College