Graduate Students in Anthropology

Below you’ll find the directory of current students in the anthropology graduate program, organized in alphabetical order by last name. 

B.S., Anthropology. Iowa State University.
Research area(s): Biological Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, and Mortuary Analysis
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2020

  Devon, Curriculum Vitae

  B.A., History. Wesley College.
  Research area(s): Historical Archaeology, Focusing on Colonial settlement, and Geospatial Analysis
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2021

  Sherry Boyette,, Curriculum Vitae

  B.A., History. Coastal Carolina University.
  Research area(s): Historical and Public Archaeology, Colonial America, Historic ceramics
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2022

Audrey Egler,, Curriculum Vitae

B.A., Anthropology and Biology. UNC – Chapel Hill.
Research areas: Cultural Anthropology, Climate Change, Health, Gender, and Hispanic North Carolina.
Anticipated graduation: Spring 2021

Kiana Fekette,, Curriculum Vitae

B.A., Archaeology & History. UNC – Chapel Hill. 
Research area(s): Historical Archaeology, Public Archaeology, Colonial America, Archaeology of domesticity
Anticipated graduation: Spring 2021

  Autumn, Curriculum Vitae

  B.A., History. Coker College.
  Research area(s): Identity, Material Culture, Youth Culture, Urban Culture and Conformity.
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2020

  B.A., Anthropology and Archaeology. UNC – Chapel Hill.  
  Research area(s): Historical Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, Archaeologies of Capitalism,        Consumerism, and Identity.
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2020

  Rebekah Podolefsky,, Curriculum Vitae

  B.A., Anthropology. University of Iowa.
  Research area(s): Human Osteology, Bioarchaeology, Medieval Archaeology, Medieval Europe,        Mortuary Practices, Disease, Sexual Dimorphism
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2020

 Mandy Posgasi,, Curriculum Vitae

B.S., Biological Sciences. University of Missouri - Rolla.
Research area(s): Near East Archaeology and Geospacial Analysis
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2021.  

 Megan, Curriculum Vitae

  B.S., Archaeological Studies and Biology. University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. 
  Research area(s): Bioarchaeology. 

  Anticipated Graduation: Fall 2020


  B.A., War, Peace, and Defense. UNC – Chapel Hill.
  Research area(s): Neolithic Irish Archaeology, Zooarchaeology, Prehistoric Archaeology,            
  Archaeology of the British Isles, Neolithization of Europe
  Anticipated Graduation: Fall 2021


B.A., Anthropology. Michigan State University
Research area(s): Human Osteology, Forensic Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Bioarchaeology
Anticipated Graduation: Fall 2021

Brittany, Curriculum Vitae

B.A., Anthropology. University of Texas – San Antonio
Research area(s):  
Anticipated Graduation: Fall 2020