Graduate Students in Anthropology

Below you’ll find the directory of current students in the anthropology graduate program, organized in alphabetical order by last name. 

 Felipe E. Acosta-Munoz,, Curriculum Vitae  

 B.A., Anthropology & Linguistics. UNC – Chapel Hill.
 Research area(s): Language Preservation, Linguistic Anthropology, Language Identity, Indigenous  Language and Culture Revitalization, Yucatec Maya Language, Mexico, Indigenous Languages of  Central and South America.
 Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2019

  B.A., Sociology and Anthropology. Warren Wilson College. 
  Research area(s): Travel and Tourism, Visual Culture, Heritage, National Identity, Nation Branding,   Social Media.
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2019

B.A.. University of Tennessee - Knoxville.
Research area(s): Biological Anthropology, Physical Anthropology.
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018

Reina Kornmayer,
B.S., Biology (Ecology and Evolution). UNC - Asheville. 
Research area(s): Forensic Anthropology, Wildlife Forensics, Wildlife Biology.
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018

  Megan, Curriculum Vitae
  B.S., Archaeological Studies and Biology. University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. 
  Research area(s): Bioarchaeology. 

  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018. 

  Ben Siegelmanbasiegel@ncsu.eduCurriculum Vitae
  B.A., Music (Jazz Studies). Columbia University. 
  Research area(s): Anthropology of International Development, Environmental Anthropology,       Gender. 
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018. 

  Highlight of your experience at NCSU: "Great professors!"

Maomao Tang,
B.A., English Literature and Language Research. Jilin University (China).
Research area(s): Minority Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Dance Anthropology
Anticipated Graduate: Spring 2019.

  B.A., Anthropology. East Carolina University.
  Research area(s): Taphonomy, Skeletal Malnutrition Markers, Histology, Neonatal Line, Teeth
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018. 

B.S., Anthropology and Psychology. The College at Brockport, State University of New York. 
Research area(s): Sexuality and Gender, Migration and Refugees, State Regulation of Identity
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2019.

  Peter Wrightpjwright@ncsu.eduCurriculum Vitae
  B.A. North Carolina State University. 
  Research area(s): Cultural Anthropology. 

  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018.


B.A., History. Anqing Normal University. 
Research area(s): Tourism, Religion, Historical Anthropology. 
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018.