Graduate Students in Anthropology

Below you’ll find the directory of current students in the anthropology graduate program, organized in alphabetical order by last name. 

  Michael J. Chapman,, Curriculum Vitae

  B.A., Archaeology & B.S., Anthropology. College of Charleston.
  Research area(s): Kinship, Pilgrimage, Religious Tourism, Migration.

  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018

  Amanda, Curriculum Vitae
  B.A., History. UNC - Charlotte. 
  Research area(s): Bioarchaeology.

  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018

B.A.. University of Tennessee - Knoxville.
Research area(s): Biological Anthropology, Physical Anthropology.
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2017

Reina Kornmayer,
B.S., Biology (Ecology and Evolution). UNC - Asheville. 
Research area(s): Forensic Anthropology, Wildlife Forensics, Wildlife Biology.
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018

B.A., Religious Studies. UNC - Chapel Hill. 
Research area(s): Doomsday Preppers, Memory and Futurity, Material and Visual Culture, Queer Studies (especially with relation to Heritage and the Southern US), Affect, Ritual and Religion.
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2017

  Nadia J.
  B.S., Applied Forensic Sciences. Mercyhurt University. 
  Research area(s): Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Biology, Trauma, Human Variation,       Geographical Information Systems (GIS). 
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018

Highlight of your experience at NCSU: "Getting to explore a new city and continuing to learn from intriguing professors." 

  Megan, Curriculum Vitae
  B.S., Archaeological Studies and Biology. University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. 
  Research area(s): Bioarchaeology. 

  Anticipated Graduation: Fall 2016. 

  Ben Siegelmanbasiegel@ncsu.eduCurriculum Vitae
  B.A., Music (Jazz Studies). Columbia University. 
  Research area(s): Anthropology of International Development, Environmental Anthropology,       Gender. 
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018. 

  Highlight of your experience at NCSU: "Great professors!"

  B.A., Anthropology. East Carolina University.
  Research area(s): Taphonomy, Skeletal Malnutrition Markers, Histology, Neonatal Line, Teeth
  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018. 

  Peter Wrightpjwright@ncsu.eduCurriculum Vitae
  B.A. North Carolina State University. 
  Research area(s): Cultural Anthropology. 

  Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018.


B.A., History. Anqing Normal University. 
Research area(s): Tourism, Religion, Historical Anthropology. 
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018.