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Academic Advisor Spotlight: Megan Glancy

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This month I was super excited to get the opportunity to meet with Megan Glancy, an academic advisor here at NC State. I was able to learn more about her academic career, her work with military affiliated students, as well as better understand her job as an academic advisor. Mrs. Glancy currently teaches the courses of SOC 203: Current Social Problems and SOC 304: Gender and Society.

Mrs. Glancy first began her academic career in Psychology and Women’s Studies at Guilford College. Her primary background is in gender and sexuality, and her secondary specialty is focused on inequality and family. She was able to watch the fast transition from Women’s Studies to Gender Studies during her undergraduate academic career which really pushed her to focus on her specific areas of study. After graduating with her undergraduate degree in Psychology she decided that she wanted to focus more on a structural approach which is why Sociology seemed like a perfect fit. Mrs. Glancy then continued her academic career at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where she completed her graduate studies. She has also completed her graduate certificate in higher education administration and instructional design, specifically focusing on teaching online and teaching with technology.

headshot of Megan Glancy
Megan Glancy

She first began her professional career at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. Her husband was serving active duty in the Air Force at Moody Air Force Base at the time before moving to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Mrs.Glancy then began her career at NC State in 2006 shortly after moving to North Carolina. She has since been an instructor and academic advisor here at NC State. Her primary research focus is geared towards her teaching and advising. She focuses on how she can specifically improve her own classes, including how she can keep her courses updated and as current as possible for her students.

 Mrs. Glancy is a great advisor, which is evident through her true commitment and dedication to students. She mentions her favorite aspect of being an academic advisor is how relationship based it truly is. She likes that advising isn’t solely about what a student needs to graduate, but is really about finding what it is an individual needs for the life they envision for themselves. Her biggest accomplishment within her professional career has been figuring out how to successfully balance motherhood and work. She has even had two children without taking a single day of maternity leave and returned to class when her son was only just 12 days old. She has also been able to manage all of this while being a military spouse with her husband being gone an average of 280 days out of the year while serving in active duty and going through a total of 13 deployments. 

With the huge connection and experience she has within the military community as being a military spouse, Mrs. Glancy has been the primary advisor for all of the military affiliated students in the Department for a while. She mentions that there is a unique culture within the military community and enjoys working with students in a way that makes them feel comfortable, as well as truly serving as an advocate for them. This position was primarily driven by her own personal interest in this specific population, as well as with her own connection feeling as though this is truly her home community. 

Apart from her academic teaching and advising, Mrs. Glancy enjoys pollinator gardening. She has a huge butterfly and hummingbird garden, as well as enjoys yoga during her free time. She is also a mother of two with lots of pets as well.

In the future, if you have the opportunity to take a course with Mrs. Glancy you definitely should. Mrs. Glancy is fully dedicated and committed to all of her students, and is passionate about finding what it is a student truly needs and wants. She is an indispensable member of not only our Department, but the NC State University community altogether.

This post was written by Deirdre Byrnes, a double-major in criminology and psychology with minors in forensics and Middle East studies and a Department of Sociology and Anthropology Student Ambassador.

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