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The Archaeology of Prehistoric Climate Change
Archaeologists have long been concerned about the effects of past climactic events, especially how these events may have influenced human decision-making processes. [...]
Brett Lehman on Bullying – Why GPA Matters
Brett Lehman, post-doctoral teaching scholar for the department of sociology and anthropology at NC State, is questioning the assumptions around bullying in American schools on a large-scale, using his research […]
The Most Caring Cities of 2015
Martha Crowley, associate professor of sociology at NC State, is an expert on the most caring cities in the United States, and Durham, NC holds the number 15 spot on […]
Research seeks answers to black lung resurgence
For some, the words “black lung” may stir thoughts of an antiquated disease. However, after cases among miners dropped from nearly 30 percent to 3 percent between 1969 and 1999, recent research shows that trend reversing in central Appalachia. [...]

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September 7, 2016

Department of Social Work: Fall 2016 Volunteer/Career Fair

2:00 PM | Caldwell Lounge
January 25, 2017

Department of Social Work: Spring 2017 Volunteer/Career Fair

2:00 PM | Caldwell Lounge

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