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A faculty member and a student work on a project during class

Graduate Programs

Work with top faculty to grow your career in academia, research or industry. We offer an M.A. in Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Sociology.

What We Offer

Our department offers two graduate programs: the 30-hour M.A. in Anthropology and the 72-hour Ph.D. in Sociology. Courses range from osteology, gender and crime, environmental sociology, social control and culture resource management to archaeological methods and social stratification.

While graduate students are welcome to build committees comprised of faculty from both disciplines, Anthropology students should plan to work closely with an Anthropology faculty member and Sociology students should plan to work closely with Sociology faculty.

We are strongly committed to supporting student research. We encourage our students to work with faculty and to present their original research at national and international conferences.

Our faculty are among the best in their fields, with research agendas that span the globe and investigate a multitude of complex phenomena in the human experience, both past and present.

Graduate Program Contacts

John Millhauser
Director of Graduate Program in Anthropology
Phone: 919-513-0284
Office: 1911 Building, Room 221

Michaela DeSoucey
Director of Graduate Program in Sociology
Phone: 919-515-0452
Office: 1911 Building, Room 362