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Department of Criminology


The B.A. in Criminology seeks to develop a professional orientation that will be relevant both to occupational goals and participation as a citizen in community affairs. Courses in both political science and sociology are included in a 25-hour block that provides a general background in crime causation and agencies of criminal justice plus the opportunity to select from more specific courses dealing with deviance, juvenile delinquency, the court system, correctional facilities, and the like, including field placement in an agency of the criminal justice system. 

Program Objectives, Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes for the undergraduate major in Criminology. 

Interested students may also elect to pursue a minor in Criminology. The minor emphasizes criminological theory and research and is an introduction to the concept of deviance and related issues of criminal behavior. The minor is grounded in sociological theory and methods and allows students flexibility in the choice of specialized criminological study, such as juvenile delinquency, sociology of law, formal institutions of social control, community and crime, and data analysis in criminology. 

For more information on the Criminology minor, visit the Office of Undergraduate Courses and Curricula

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Degree Requirements

25 hours of specialized courses, including SOC 413 (Criminal Justice Fieldwork), PS 201 (American Politics and Government), PS 305 (The Justice System in the American Political Process), and 12 hours of criminology electives from approved courses in sociology and political science. Both disciplines must be represented in the choice of elective courses. 

Application Process

If you're already a NCSU student and interested in applying for a Criminology major, you can view the intra-campus transfer requirements and submit the Change of Degree Application here

For more information, please contact Jenny R. Rasch, Undergraduate Services Coordinator, at or 919.515.3116.