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The Independent Variable: ASA’s Spring Edition


Looking for a summer read that’s both informative and entertaining? Well, look no further than the Spring 2015 edition of The Independent Variable, the American Sociological Association (ASA) undergraduate newsletter. The newsletter’s goal is to connect ASA to sociology majors and offer information and guidance for building a successful career with sociology. According to Jaime Hecht, coordinator of academic and professional affairs, “it has been a joy to scour the internet to bring you a compilation of material that we believe is interesting and helpful.”

That material includes:

 Free 30-day access to Contexts magazine, a quarterly magazine that makes social science research accessible to the general public.

Advice for New Sociology Graduates.

10 Writing Tips for the Sociology Student.

ASA’s Press Release on the Amicus Brief Filed with the Supreme Court in Support of Marriage Equality.

Interesting academic papers, such as Fecal Matters: Habitus, Embodiments, and Deviance.

In addition, The Independent Variable encourages you to take to Twitter and explore the hashtag #SociologicalDesk to see where and how fellow sociologists work.

For information on how to subscribe to the newsletter, contact Jaime Hecht at