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The Department of Sociology and Anthropology is located on the second and third floors of the 1911 Building.

North Carolina State University

10 Current Drive, Suite 334

Campus Box 8107

Raleigh, NC 27695-8107

Phone: (919) 515-3180

Fax: (919)515-2610

Troy Case, Department Head

Office: 335

Phone: (919) 515-9024

Email: dtcase@ncsu.edu

Martha Crowley, Associate Head

Office: 325

Phone: (919) 515-9022

Email: martha_crowley@ncsu.edu

Sarah Bowen, Assistant Head

Office: 362

Phone: (919) 515-0452

Email:  sarah_bowen@ncsu.edu

Steve McDonald, Director of Graduate Programs in Sociology

Office: 343

Phone: (919) 515-9028

Email: sjmcdona@ncsu.edu

Nora Haenn, Director of Graduate Programs in Anthropology

Office: 229

Phone: (919) 513-2705

Email: nora_haenn@ncsu.edu

Anna Manzoni, Scheduling Officer

Office: 321

Phone: (919) 515-9004

Email: amanzon@ncsu.edu

Stephanie Jares, Coordinator of Advising

Phone: (919) 515-5565

Email: sjares@ncsu.edu

Linda Orlandi, Executive Assistant/Business Manager

Phone: (919) 515-3917

Email: Linda_Orlandi@ncsu.edu

Stephanie Jares, Coordinator of Advising

Phone: (919) 515-5565

Email: sjares@ncsu.edu

Michael Chapman, Graduate Student Service Coordinator

Phone: (919) 515-2670

Email: mjchapm3@ncsu.edu

Carletta Smith, Departmental Secretary

Phone: (919) 515-3114

Email: cmsmit20@ncsu.edu

Room 129 and Atrium Reservations

We maintain three spaces in the 1911 Building that can be reserved: Conference Room 129, the Atrium and the Lactation Room. Images of each space are available

Reservation requests for 129 and the Atrium can be submitted using the scheduling website below. 

Usage Guidelines for Room 129 and the Atrium:

1. We require that you do not reserve the room immediately after a previous reservation. Instead, leave a window of 30 to 45 minutes to allow for cleanup and departure. 

2. Please do not tamper with any of the technology in the room beyond reasonable use.

3. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOU’VE USED THE SPACE. That includes wiping food and spills from tables, cleaning the dry erase boards if used, and emptying the trash if full.

4. If you need dry erase markers, please see Carletta in Room 334. Only use dry erase markers. 

Once you have submitted your request, there will be a tentative hold on the room until the department can confirm your reservation details.

For any questions or problems about 129 or the Atrium, contact Carletta Smith, 515-3114 (primary contact) or cmsmit20@ncsu.edu.

The 1911 Bldg has a secluded and quiet space for parents wishing to nurse their children without disturbance. It is located in Room 130 on the first floor of the building and has a refrigerator, sink, small desk and chair for use. 

To check the availability of the Lactation Room (130), please visit the Google Calendar: NIN 130 Lactation Room

To reserve the space, or if you have any questions or problems regarding the Lactation Room, contact Carletta Smith, 515-3114 or cmsmit20@ncsu.edu

The School of Social Work handles reservations for another conference room in the 1911 Building, Room 138. Please visit their departmental website or their main office on the 2nd floor to reserve the space.