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Cultural Anthropology

A Specialization of NC State's M.A. in Anthropology Program


Cultural anthropologists at NC State pursue a wide range of research interests, including specializations in the following two areas: globalization and social justice, and science, environment and health.

Graduate students at NC State may construct a research project on a subject of their own choice in consultation with their advisor, or receive training and expertise in the following areas.

Areas of Study

Globalization and Social Justice

  • Evaluate the enduring relevance of cultural differences in a globally connected world. 
  • Understand global processes, the intersection of the local with the global, and their effects especially in matters of governance, environmental management, migration, international development and healthcare.
  • Research the formation of globalized/cosmopolitan identities.
  • Develop a framework for taking action to critically engage social justice issues. 
  • Faculty who work in this area include: Carroll, HaennMillhauser and Murray

Science, Environment and Health

  • Examine the cultural construction of science, nature, and the human body. 
  • Investigate the intersection of political and market forces with the environment, health, and medical practice.
  • Consider the effect of academic knowledge practices on health initiatives and natural resource management. 
  • Develop a program for carrying out positive change in the fields of environment and health. 
  • Faculty who work in this area include: Carroll, Haenn, Millhauser, Murray and Wesp.