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Race, Racism and Anti-Racism

A Specialization of NC State's Ph.D. in Sociology Program


Race is a central organizing principle of society. Race intersects with our social institutions, such as family, education, government, and economy. It also is a central component in our discipline’s subfields, including culture, demography, environment, work and organizations, and criminology.

Increasing public attention to race, racism, and anti-racism due to the growth in Black mobilization and nativist policies and practices give this area added real-world applications. Providing an understanding of the nature and impact of these issues on the social world is one of the most important tasks of the sociological enterprise.

Graduate Courses

  • Social Control (SOC 722)
  • Racial and Ethnic Inequality (SOC 738)
  • Communities and Crime (SOC 791CC)
  • Critical Theories of Race and Racism (SOC 791CR)
  • Emerging Topics in Race (SOC 791E)
  • Intersectional Theory (SOC 791I)
  • Race and Social Movements (SOC 791)
  • Racialization and Migration (SOC 791)