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Department Newsletter

My Time as an Anthropology Major and Ambassador

headshot of Maura Wyatt

This post was written by Maura Wyatt, an anthropology major and Department of Sociology and Anthropology Student Ambassador.

For the past two and a half years, I have been an Anthropology major at NC State, and for the last year and a half, an Ambassador for the Department of Criminology, Anthropology, and Sociology. This coming December I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Arts, and I could not be both more grateful and excited for the future to come. When I first came to NC State I applied as an English major, and upon entering my second year I transferred to the Anthropology major. Within this major I have learned so much more about people, the world, and by virtue myself. The people I have met along the way, the groups and communities I have had the privilege and pleasure to be a part of, and the opportunities this college has provided me I will be forever grateful for. 

During my time at NC State I have lived in the Arts Village, worked at the NC State Crafts Center in the woodshop, and participated in a legal internship. Taking advantage of the resources that NC State provides has changed my life in the most positive ways, and I highly recommend to any current or future student to do the same. These experiences have shaped me as a person, pointed me in the right direction, and given me the privilege of sharing my knowledge with others. I also doubt that I would have gotten these formative experiences elsewhere and for that I am grateful to the university and all of the people I have met along the way. 

Through the student ambassador program, I have had the opportunity to meet my fellow departmental peers, potential students, and some of the most excellent members of staff this university has to offer. Although the global pandemic impeded our ability to hold in-person events for the majority of my time as a Student Ambassador, we were resilient in being able to keep the program alive and well throughout the pandemic via online meetings, events, and communication platforms. I can genuinely say that being a part of this group and being able to lean on each other during the pandemic was extremely important to both myself and the rest of the team. The compassion and care this team provides in doing all things, from emailing students to helping each other through hard times is something that my peers and I will always remember. 

When I first arrived at NC State I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, what I wanted to major in, and quite frankly who I was. Now arriving at the close of my college career, I can say with more certainty that I know what I want, who I am, and where I want to go. Although these things may change slightly over the course of time, I know I have a solid foundation of values that I can attribute to not only my time at NC State, but my participation in the student ambassador program. I’ve found a sense of belonging, community, and purpose, and I know I’ll strive to carry this on in all walks of life, even past graduation.