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Get Involved: Student Leadership and Engagement

Students walk through Talley Student Union
Students walk through the Talley Student Union on campus. Photo by Marc Hall

Have you ever wondered what is housed on the fourth floor of Talley Student Union? Have you ever wondered what NC State has to offer and how you can get involved with others on campus? 

The Student Leadership and Engagement office has several spaces on campus. The department is home to Feed the Pack (NC State’s food pantry), the Student Involvement Center, Student Government and the University Activities Board.

The Student Government suite is located across the hall from the Student Involvement Center on the fourth floor of Talley, and the Feed the Pack food pantry is located on campus in the Quad Commons. The University Activities Board is also located on the fourth floor of Talley near the governance chambers. With these spaces, the department serves the campus in a number of ways. 

As soon as you walk into the doors, you are greeted with a warm smile and caring hearts ready to help. These students are Engagement Interns in the department. These interns are ready to help serve you in many ways. As an intern in the department, you are trained in a variety of skills that will help you grow as a person and help others around you. 

Melissa Green.

The department’s primary focus is “in the co-curricular space, so to look at programs and initiatives that complement what students are gaining in the classroom and really help them put into practice what they are learning.” “Our overall goal is to help students become leaders who lead with integrity and leaders who care about the community,” says Meissa Green, who has directed the Student Leadership and Engagement office for over seven years. 

Over the years, Melissa has watched the department grow while also watching students grow, develop and successfully transition to their next steps in life. The department is always ready to help. So, one day when you are looking for a chill place to engage and connect with others in Talley, you can head right to the fourth floor and go into Suite 4210. You will never know; you might love it there and become the next intern or discover your passion. 

You can follow the department on Facebook at NC State Student Leadership and Engagement and on Instagram at @ncstatesle

headshot of Jala Royster

This article is by Jala Royster, a Sociology and Anthropology student ambassador majoring in anthropology.