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Celebrating our Graduating Student Ambassador

Wearing caps and gowns, students hold up the "Wolfie" sign

My name is Madeline Bain, and I am graduating this December with a degree in criminology, as well as minors in forensic science and psychology. These past four years at NC State have been nothing but incredibly exciting and rewarding. The experiences I have gained during my time here have shaped me into the person I am today and has prepared me for what is to come. 

My interest in criminology began in high school, when my grandmère introduced me to books on different criminals. Reading about why people committed different crimes set off something and it just clicked for me. I discovered the field of criminology and knew that I wanted to study it. NC State was one of the only schools that offered criminology, and the growing program drew my attention. I decided to apply to NC State and when I got in I felt a sense of belonging. 

I came into my Freshman year during Covid and was part of the group of people sent off campus fall semester. I was worried that I would have a difficult time finding a community due to the separation from campus. When I came back for the Spring semester, I was proven wrong, and I found support from friends, faculty, and everyone else on campus. A lot of these connections came from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. I have to say that I don’t think I would have found these connections if I was in a different department. 

My passion for criminology grew, and I was able to find experiences that advanced my knowledge. I had the opportunity of becoming a Department of Sociology and Anthropology Student Ambassador, which allowed me to build connections within the department and gain valuable insight into criminology. I served as the Student Communications and Student Coordinator my junior and senior year. I was able to help connect prospective students and current NC State students, find connections within our department and with alumni, and organize events to bring students in our department together. I also had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of people, if not more, about what our department has to offer. My sophomore and junior year I worked at a local law firm, which gave me the opportunity to build connections with attorneys and gave me a peek at what a career in law looks like. I also interned at the Raleigh Police Department, where I got to experience real life law enforcement. These experiences have truly shaped my career path and gave me invaluable insight into criminology. 

Outside of academics, I found a home with the rock climbing community on campus. When I came to NC State my freshman year, I remember walking into the WellRec and seeing the giant rock climbing wall and thinking “I want to do that.” I started climbing, and eventually working, at the WellRec. My sophomore year I joined the Minorities in Outdoor Leadership group, which focused on making outdoor sports more accessible. After seeing the success of the group, I decided with one of my best friends to start another club. Me and my friends started the Outdoor Climbing Club my junior year, with the intention to educate indoor climbers on outdoor climbing, and to also give people the opportunity to get outside. As co-president, I have seen the club grow to a community of climbers who are passionate about outdoor climbing, and I’m proud to call it my legacy. 

This article was written by Maddie Bain