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Wolfpack CHASS  Student  Highlight: Esports, Sociology, and Lilibet Lopez

Lilibet Lopez (right) from

As a fast-growing recreational and competitive activity, Esports are always being talked about nationally and globally, and the people who are part of it are very passionate about what they do. This form of entertainment and competition consists of individuals playing their favorite video games, in which they are highly skilled, and going against other players locally, nationally, and sometimes even globally. Esports has created a place where many individuals of all ages excel at competing in the world of technology and video games, which often offer monetary compensations to those who win. Players, like other sports, practice very often by repeatedly playing games like Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, among many others. Here at NC State, our Esports club was recently highlighted by a university-wide article that emphasizes important information about the club, what its members do, what the club is about, and an interview with the current club president Lilibet Lopez.

Lopez, a transfer student from Wake Tech with Hispanic and Chinese roots, took on the role of president of the club last fall of 2022 and mentions that it is one of the best decisions of her life. In the interview, Lopez gave an insight into her background transferring in from Wake Tech in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how she has evolved both personally and professionally because of Esports and the Wolfpack community. Coming to a bigger university was a challenge for her with all the new people to meet and engage with socially. Even though this was difficult, she mentioned that her advisor and the Wolfpack were more welcoming and accepting than anything she would have ever imagined. Deciding to come out of her shell, she found herself engaging with other Esports aficionados through the Discord platform where she quickly made connections across campus with one common factor, Esports. After joining the club, Lopez climbed the leadership ladder and became their social media coordinator, event coordinator, vice president, and, ultimately, president of the Esports club.

The Sociology and Japanese major described in the interview how paramount are inclusion, diversity, and equality within the club. Lopez ensures that the club is a place where all are welcomed and accepted regardless of who they are or their background. Stepping away from the common stereotypes that Esports are mainly for men or STEM majors, Lopez emphasizes how everyone in the club comes from different backgrounds, majors, nationalities, and genders. Most importantly, the Esports club at NC State looks to cultivate a safe space for all students who are interested; a place where they can come, have fun, partake in friendly competition, and, ultimately, somewhere they can be their true self without fearing judgment. Indeed, one of the club president’s main goals is to guarantee that the Esports club is a welcoming space for minorities, especially LGBTQ+ individuals. The club’s strict no-discrimination policy makes the social space one that welcomes absolutely anyone in the Wolfpack.

Indeed, Lopez has found that her major in Sociology has helped her in her leadership role and will help her secure a bright future with new perspectives in mind. She emphasized in her interview how her classes in sociology have helped her understand social interaction with whole groups and how it affects those within the groups. These classes have given her the tools to be able to assess problems and solve them, appreciate and understand how people from different cultural backgrounds work together, and how different elements within social structures help shape society to what it is today. Lopez emphasized how all of these factors have helped her be a better leader in her club and also prepared her to face the working world after graduation.

On the other hand, Lopez is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2024 with her double-major, but she believes the club will be in great hands as they head into a new academic year with many new opportunities for growth and community engagement. She is most excited about the remodeling and enlargement of the Esports facilities at James B. Hunt library in Centennial Campus and how much the club will benefit from this expansion. Additionally, Lopez is focused in continuing her research studies in queer culture in the United States and Japan, and feels very confident that she has helped create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for the Wolfpack and Esports; Lopez knows her legacy in the club and NC State will live on for future members of the Esports club to enjoy throughout their college journeys.

This article was written by Alex Soto Anthropology and Sociology Double major and Department of Sociology and Anthropology Student Ambassador