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Sociology and Anthropology

Apr 14, 2014

Where Credit is Due: How Acknowledging Expertise Can Help Conservation Efforts

Scientists know that tapping into local expertise is key to conservation efforts aimed at protecting biodiversity – but researchers rarely give credit to these local experts. Anthropologist and associate professor of international studies Nora Haenn says that’s a problem, both for the local experts and for the science itself. 

Mar 6, 2014

Forensic Experts Compile Guide on How to ID Child Abuse, Starvation

Forensic science experts from NC State University are publishing a comprehensive overview of forensic research that can be used to identify child abuse and starvation. “By pulling all of this information together in one place, we hope we can save the lives of some children and find justice for others,” says Dr. Ann Ross, a professor of anthropology at NC State and lead author of the paper. 

Mar 3, 2014

Murderers Who Killed During Robberies More Likely to Return to Crime When Paroled

Murderers who committed homicide during robberies are more likely to commit crimes again when they are paroled, compared to murderers who committed homicide under other circumstances, according to research from North Carolina State University and Harvard University. 

Feb 25, 2014

Panel Discussion: Big Data in the Social Sciences

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology will be hosting the panel discussion "Big Data in the Social Sciences" on March 6th. 

Feb 24, 2014

Gary D. Hill Scholarship

The 2014 Gary D. Hill scholarship winner is announced, along with a brief profile of Professor Gary Hill (d. 1996). 

Jan 7, 2014

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Michaela DeSoucey

We pride ourselves on the research coming out of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Our faculty have contributed to the breadth and depth of the discourse in their research areas. Ranging from political economy to craniofacial growth, those research areas are as diverse as the complex human endeavor our faculty strive to analyze and… 

Dec 12, 2013

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Sasha Newell

Assistant Professor Sasha Newell discusses his teaching, his research in sociocultural anthropology, and his recent book, The Modernity Bluff. 

Nov 25, 2013

In the Media: Dr. Toby Parcel

Dr. Toby Parcel's research is featured in a PBS report on parental involvement in student academic achievement. 

Oct 14, 2013

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Stefano B. Longo

Stefano B. Longo, Assistant Professor of Sociology, discusses his teaching and his research in environmental sociology. 

Sep 30, 2013

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Tom Shriver

Tom Shriver, Associate Professor of Sociology, discusses his teaching and his domestic and international research in environmental sociology.