Signature Articles

We pride ourselves on the contributions our faculty have made to the breadth and depth of scholarship in their fields of study. Their research has appeared in the Annual Review of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Social Problems, American Journal of Sociology, Criminology, Anthropological Theory, Journal of Marriage and the Family, Gender & Society, Social Forces, Journal of Forensic Sciences, Human Ecology, and the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, to name a few. Our faculty have demonstrated their scholarly expertise in a variety of fields, including medical sociology, gender and sexuality, forensic anthropology, crime and deviance, environmental anthropology and social movements. 

Here are some of our signature articles – those that are indicative of our scholarship and our research interests. NC State students and employees can access these articles through the library’s extensive database: NCSU Libraries.

Sarah Bowen

Bowen, Sarah. 2010. “Embedding Local Places in Global Spaces: Geographical Indications as a Territorial Development Strategy.” Rural Sociology 75(2): 209-243.

Bowen, Sarah and Marie Sarita Gaytan. 2012. “The Paradox of Protection.” Social Problems 59(1): 70-93.

Bowen, Sarah and Ana Valenzuela Zapata. 2009. “Geographical Indications, Terroir, and Socioeconomic and Ecological Sustainability: The Case of Tequila.” Journal of Rural Studies 25: 108-119.

D. Troy Case

Case, D. T. and S. E. Burnett. 2012. “Identification of Tarsal Coalition and Frequency Estimates from Skeletal Samples.” International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 22(6): 667-684.

Case, D. Troy, Nancy S. Ossenberg, and Scott E. Burnett. 1998. “Os Intermetatarseum: A Heritable Accessory Bone of the Human Foot.” American Journal of Physical Anthropology 107: 199-209.

Case, D. Troy and Ann H. Ross. 2007. “Sex Determination from Hand and Foot Bone Lengths.” Journal of Forensic Sciences 52(2): 264-270.

Martha Crowley

Crowley, Martha. 2012. "Control and Dignity in Professional, Manual and Service-Sector Employment." Organization Studies 33(10): 1383-1406. 

Crowley, Martha. 2013. "Gender, the Labor Process and Dignity at Work." Social Forces 91(4): 1209-1238.

Crowley, Martha, Daniel Tope, Lindsey Joyce Chamberlain, and Randy Hodson. 2010. "Neo-Taylorism at Work: Occupational Change in the Post-Fordist Era." Social Problems 57(3): 421-447.

Michaela DeSoucey

DeSoucey, Michaela. 2010. "Gastronationalism: Food Traditions and Authenticity Politics in the European Union." American Sociological Review 75(3): 432-455.

Cherry, Elizabeth, Colter Ellis and Michaela DeSoucey. 2011. "Food for Thought, Thought for Food: Consumption, Identity, and Ethnography." Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 40(2): 231-258.

Weber, Klaus, Kathryn L. Heinze and Michaela DeSoucey. 2008. "Forage for Thought: Mobilizing Codes in the Movement for Grass-fed Meat and Dairy Products." Administrative Science Quarterly 53(3): 529-567. 

Kim Ebert

Ebert, Kim and Dina G. Okamoto. 2013. “Social Citizenship, Integration, and Collective Action: Immigrant Civic Engagement in the United States.” Social Forces : 1-26.

Okamoto, Dina and Kim Ebert. 2010. “Beyond the Ballot: Immigrant Collective Action in Gateways and New Destinations in the United States.” Social Problems 57(4): 529-558.

Theodore N. Greenstein

Davis, Shannon N., and Theodore N. Greenstein. 2009. “Gender Ideology: Components, Predictors, and Consequences.” Annual Review of Sociology 35: 87-105.

Greenstein, Theodore N. 2000. “Economic Dependence, Gender, and the Division of Labor in the Home: A Replication and Extension.” Journal of Marriage and Family 62: 322-335.

Greenstein, Theodore N. 2009. “National Context, Family Satisfaction, and Fairness in the Division of Household Labor.” Journal of Marriage and Family 71: 1039-1051. 

Anna Manzoni

Fouarge, Didier, Anna Manzoni, Ruud Muffels, and Ruud Luijkx. 2010. “Childbirth and Cohort Effects on Mother’s Labour Supply: A Comparative Study Using Life History Data for Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain.” Work, Employment & Society 24(3): 487-507.

Manzoni, Anna. 2012. “In and Out of Employment: Effects in Panel and Life-History Data.” Advances in Life Course Research 17: 11-24.

Manzoni, Anna and Irma Mooi-Reci. 2011. “Early Unemployment and Subsequent Career Complexity: A Sequence-Based Perspective.” Schmollers Jahrbuch (Journal of Applied Social Science Studies) 131(2): 339-348.

Manzoni, Anna, Jeroen K. Vermunt, Ruud Luijkx, and Ruff Muffels. 2010. “Memory Bias in Retrospectively Collected Employment Careers: A Model-Based Approach to Correct for Measurement Error.” Sociological Methodology 40(1): 39-73.

Patricia L. McCall

Land, Kenneth C., Patricia L. McCall, and Lawrence E. Cohen. 1990. “Structural Covariates of Homicide Rates: Are There Any Invariances Across Time and Social Space?” The American Journal of Sociology 95(4): 922-963.

McCall, Patricia L., Kenneth C. Land, and Karen F. Parker. 2010. “An Empirical Assessment of What We Know about Structural Covariates of Homicide Rates: A Return to a Classic 20 Years Later.” Homicide Studies 14(3): 219-243.

Steve McDonald

McDonald, Steve. 2009. “Right Place, Right Time: Serendipity and Informal Job Matching.” Socio-Economic Review : 1-25.

McDonald, Steve. 2011. “What’s in the ‘Old Boys’ Network? Accessing Social Capital in Gendered and Racialized Networks.” Social Networks 22: 317-330.

McDonald, Steve, Richard A. Benton, and David F. Warner. 2012. “Dual Embeddedness: Informal Job Matching and Labor Market Institutions in the United States and Germany.” Social Forces 91(1): 75-97.

John Millhauser

Millhauser, John K., Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria, and Michael D. Glascock. 2011. "Testing the Accuracy of Portable X-ray Fluorescence to Study Aztec and Colonial Obsidian Supply at Xaltocan, Mexico." Journal of Archaeological Science 38(11): 3141-3152.

Rodríguez-Alegría, Enrique, John K. Millhauser, and Wesley D. Stoner. 2013. "Trade, Tribute, and Neutron Activation: The Colonial Political Economy of Xaltocan, Mexico." Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 32(4): 397-414. 

Toby L. Parcel

Dufur, Mikaela J., Toby L. Parcel, and Kelly P. Troutman. 2013. “Does Capital at Home Matter More Than Capital at School? Social Capital Effects on Academic Achievement.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 31: 1-21.

Parcel, Toby L. and Mikaela J. Dufur. 2001. “Capital at Home and at School: Effects on Student Achievement.” Social Forces 79(3): 881-911.

Parcel, Toby L., Mikaela J. Dufur, and Rena Cornell Zito. 2010. “Capital at Home and at School: A Review and Synthesis.” Journal of Marriage and Family 72: 828-846. 

William R. Smith

Baran, Perver K., William R. Smith, Robin C. Moore, Myron F. Floyd, Jason N. Bocarro, Nilda G. Cosco, and Thomas M. Danninger. 2013. “Park Use Among Youth and Adults: Examination of Individual, Social, and Urban Form Factors.” Environment and Behavior (January): 1-33.

Smith, William R., Sharon Glave Frazee, and Elizabeth L. Davison. 2000. “Furthering the Integration of Routine Activity and Social Disorganization Theories: Small Units of Analysis and the Study of Stress Robbery as a Diffusion Process.” Criminology 38(2): 489-524.

Smith, William R. and Marie Tortensson. 1997. “Gender Differences in Risk Perception and Neutralizing Fear of Crime.” British Journal of Criminology 37(4): 608-634.

Margaret A. Zahn

Day, Jacob C., Margaret A. Zahn, and Lisa P. Tichavsky. 2014. "What Works for Whom? The Effects of Gender Responsive Programming on Girls and Boys in Secure Detention." Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, published online before print, July 2014. DOI:  10.1177/0022427814538033.

Zahn, Margaret A., Jacob C. Day, Sharon F. Mihalic, and Lisa Tichavksy. 2009. “Determining What Works for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System: A Summary of Evaluation Evidence.” Crime & Delinquency 55(2): 266-293.